Dave getting a machine ready
Feb 1, 2021

Blueprints in the making

Blueprints Precious Plastic in the making!

A moment from

More moments

Bright magazine cover

Bright cover

Yellow Van parked in tuscany

Driving to Project Kamp!


Just a nice note


Funny Hopper

The original Phonebloks model

Phoneblocks in museum

Precious Plastic and Grameen team posing for a picture

Precious Plastic meets Yunus Muhammad

Extrusion machine

Design of the year nominee

Girls running Precious Plastic machines

Machines in Taiwan

Woman working on a lathe

Carolina making stuff in the workspace

Three people in front of a van

Wild office

Youtube channel

1 Million!


Researching components

scrapy can

Plastic on land

Three man hugging

Precious Plastic meets Bope

woman in front of a pile of recycled clothes

Our old clothes heading to Africa

Team collecting bottles in front of a dumpsite

Collecting thousands of plastic bottles for an installation at Glow

Man working on a recycling extruder machine

Brick making training

3 people holding a sheet of recycled plastic

Recycled sheets research

Dave's setup for the extrusion.

Prototype Extrusion

Phoneblocks community map

Phoneblocks Community