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Precious Plastic

Precious Plastic develops open source recycling machines, products, and online platforms to empower anyone to start recycling plastic locally. 

Problem: Plastic Pollution

2013 - Ongoing

500+ recycling workspaces

400 tons of plastic recycled

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person opening a mould with recycled products inside

Phonebloks pushed for a modular phone that you can repair and upgrade. Inspiring people and companies to change how phones are made.

Problem: E-waste

2013 - 2016

381m social reach

979k supporters

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Prototyping a new way of living on planet earth working on regenerative land management, sustainable building, permaculture, water retention systems, renewable energy, how to peacefully live together and more.

Problem: Sustainable Living

2018 - Ongoing

10 Hectares

€110k Investment

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Project to educate people about global problems, trying to make complex topics more digestible and understandable.

Problem: Culture

2015 - Ongoing

29 videos

1m views on Youtube

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