Fixed pants
Jun 26, 2021

New fixes from Estonia

People are starting to fix their clothes in Estonia, hurray!
Very nice patterns and repairs.

A moment from

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3 people holding a sheet of recycled plastic

Recycled sheets research

two vans and two man in a field

Basekamp is growing

Green ex german army mercedes ambulance 609D converted to a camper parked on a land

Arrived in the land

Precious Plastic CE Certified Shredder

CE Certified Shredder


Just a nice note

kinds pants fixed and repaired

First fixes from people

Hand making a taco

Plant-based delight ☘️ 🤤⁣

Woman standing on landfill

Precious Plastic pilot #3 in the Maldives

Storyhopper video covers

Story Hopper 1 Year

Extrusion machine

Extrusion machine photoshoot

Vegan food in a plate

Delicious vegan food, everyday!

two badges in one hand

Badges around the world

woman in front of a pile of recycled clothes

Our old clothes heading to Africa

Dave's setup for the extrusion.

Prototype Extrusion

Containers being unloaded

Basekamp is almost ready!

3D drawing of the sheetpress

How to make a 1.5 m Sheetpress

Shredded car bumpers

Car bumpers

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Machines in Taiwan

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1 year after V2

nike shoes

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