Men building machines
Feb 1, 2021

Mattia doing events

@matta-io building the machines for events in Europe

A moment from

More moments

Dave on TV!


Bright magazine cover

Bright cover

parts of a chicken toy

Sorry chicken

Phoneblocks community map

Phoneblocks Community

Injection machine

Machinery in Indonesia

darning repair on a sock

Socks darning repair

portrait of a man

First helper

Graphic showing dazed and Fixing Fashion logo

Fixing Fashion on Dazed

Group of people standing in front of a workspace

Precious Plastic team

kinds pants fixed and repaired

First fixes from people

man watching a training on a computer

Online recycling training

Maldives pilot

Maldives container

Precious Plastic CE Certified Shredder

CE Certified Shredder

Extruded lamp

Kees is making stuff with plastic

Phonebloks models

Found these old models when cleaning up


Researching components

Worry bead mould for recycled plastic

Worry beads mould

Sheetpress machine

Playful Sheetpress

Plastic sheet

Plastic sheets in London


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