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Prototyping a new way of life that is in balance with planet earth

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The way humans live is a problem to planet earth and fellow animal species sharing it with us.

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Big field from Project Kamp

What we do

We got apiece of land and prototype another way of living that is in balance with planet earth.

Life prototype

By simply living like the average Joe in the developed world, we generate a massive footprint on earth. Just by living in this system we cause extraordinary stress to the planet. And the more developed nations become, the more resources and infrastructure a person consume.

We try to find another way to live, one that is more in harmony with our environment. There is a lot to figure out: what building material we use for houses, how do we store energy, how are we socially structured, what's the best thing to eat for breakfast and much more.

We are going to prototype, test and try things out. And all the information, learning and things we develop are shared open source online for anyone to use.

What we did so far

Birdview of project kamp land
Massive rock in the middle of Project Kamp land

We bought a piece of land

After 2 years of search we finally got a nice piece of land in Portugal, near Coimbra. It's 10 hectares, there is a little stream and a massive treasure stone. Off to a great start!

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Big field from Project Kamp
Container on a crane
man in front of a refurbished container


We setup a basekamp in 2 shipping containers. One has all the basic machines and tools for a workspace and the other for kitchen and shower.

container at night in industrial setting

What's coming

Project Kamp is still in the early stages. Much work a head in this life long project. Growing trees and regenerating the land takes time.

Two big steps coming up is the build a big shared kitchen and workspace to host people and develop solutions. Meanwhile we share all our updates  in the Project Kamp Academy. Stay tuned and make sure to support !