One Army runs big global projects and shares all knowledge for free. Unlike other large projects we don't have investors, we are fully independ so we can stay true to our mission. We believe this is what our planet needs right now. But yeh..this isn't the best business model. That's where you come in :)

One time support

Single Donation

All donations will go to fund development. Each project has different timelines and priorities. We will make sure to distribute them most impactful. Leave a comment when donating if you have special wishes for us to use it for!

For the fans

Monthly Support

You can support us monthly on Patreon. We have +1000 people signed up. You can get project badges, stickers, special insights and the right to vote.

For organisations and charity

Large donations

In order to do big development we need big funding from partners. This can push an entire project and global community to the next level. Big impact. We have a plan in place on what's next for each project and can start right away. But also happy to hear your wishes. We welcome crypto and are setup as a non-profit Foundation in the Netherlands.  Send us a mail if you want to support +€25K

  1. Word of mouth

    We will grow One Army together. One carshare, dinner, latte or walk at a time. Organically, from one person to the next. Get talking, get spreading!

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  2. Support on Patreon

    This is VERY important for us. Maybe the most important one on this list. Patreon helps us to grow our projects with a steady monthly cash flow and pay for servers, materials, people, electricity and everything that takes to run global open source projects. Join 600+ people on Patreon!

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  3. Join Discord

    Discord is the place where One Army meets digitally. It's a chat software to ask questions, meet new friends and collaborate to protect planet earth. Get chatting on Discord.

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  4. Get active on Discord

    Engage and interact on Discord to onboard new people and make the place ever more useful. Answer questions, link things, share findings or start an interesting conversation.

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  5. Subscribe on Youtube

    The amount of subscribers means a lot for the outside world, the bigger the more powerful. Plus you can keep up to date with the latest releases. Subscribe to One Army Youtube channel, or our new Project Kamp channel.

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  6. Like & comment our videos

    The more you watch, like and comment videos the more the youtube algorithm thinks the videos is relevant, the more it shows it to people.  Plus, those comments and likes makes us a little happier :)

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  7. Fix your clothes

    Fixing Fashion is our newest project, a little baby. Help us grow the movement. Fix, repair and upgrade your clothes. When you're done, proudly share your fixes using #fixingfashion

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  8. Join the newsletter

    We like to keep the One Army (you) up-to -date on important stuff only. That's why we only send a newsletter 4 times a year, with major news. Join newsletter.

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  9. Share Story Hopper

    Show a few Story Hopper videos to your friends, a good way to get people into One Army and spread a new way of looking at the world.

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  10. Participate in Precious Plastic

    Precious Plastic is a big project with thousands of people working on it. Tons of things you could do from collecting, sorting, shredding, making events, recycle products, build machines, connect the community and much, much more. Learn more on Precious Plastic website and get started.

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  11. Buy something on the Bazar

    Buying from the Precious Plastic Bazar directly helps people around the world to recycle more plastic. (For the critics, we take 5% but that barely covers running costs). Browse the Bazar.

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  12. Next time after dinner show the Dumpsterdive video to your mom.

    This is just for the fun :)

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  13. Bring your plastic waste

    People can bring their (clean and label-free) plastic waste to a Precious Plastic Collection Point near them to make sure their plastic is transfromed into something valuable. Learn more about collecting plastic here.

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  14. Make a Story Hopper

    If video is your thing you can submit a Story Hopper video and help us tell stories worth sharing. Find out how to submit a video.

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  15. Wear the patch(es)

    Put them on your jacket, backpack or wherever you feel like and spread the word. How to get them? Support on Patreon :)

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Thank you for even considering to help us forward,
One Army