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June 2021

Monthly News 52

Mattia shares more info about the Community Program and unveils how people can come and help built Project Kamp.

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May 2021

Monthly News 51

This month Joseph reports from Hawaii where he's helping setup a Precious Plastic workspace in collaboration with Parleys for the Oceans to recycle ocean plastic. Plus, more on the launch of Fixing Fashion.

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April 2021

Monthly News 50

This month is a special one, 50 months since starting the Monthly News. For this special occasion Dave did a livestream recapping the past years and revealing an upcoming project launching April 19th.

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March 2021

Monthly News 49

Kat reports from Kenya where she's taking part in the Flip Floppy expedition to raise awareness about plastic pollution. Plus a view on the many people working on Precious Plastic Kenya.

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February 2021

Monthly News 48

New year, new city, new format. Mattia presents this Monthly News from Portugal.

He shares the latest news from One Army, Project Kamp and Precious Plastic including the latest sunglasses from Tallers Esferica, lots of bicycle shredders and thermoforming.

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December 2020

Monthly News 47

Like every year, this month we recap the year just past.

Dave looks at how it was for Precious Plastic and Project Kamp. Mattia shines some light on the newly release One Army. Kat shares some data about the community and how it is growing. Whilst Joseph provides an overview of the money side of things with some numbers and strategies.

Enjoy and wishes for a mighty year ahead.

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November 2020

Monthly News 46

Dave presents November Monthly News from our newly purchased Project Kamp land in Portugal 🇵🇹 Still pretty bare but super happy to finally be there.

Lots of news from our Precious Plastic community, with new products and applications. Plus updates from Precious Plastic team in France with new research on recycled sheets (a 50kg sheet and a super-thin one).

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Will it shred

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October 2020

Monthly News 45

This month Dave looks into the Beyond plastic series and the solid work form Jannis, shares the new Project Kamp video about structuring our own little community during Precious Plastic  Version 4 AND Joseph & Kat explain how you could help Precious Plastic find a new space.