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December 2020

Monthly News 47

Like every year, this month we recap the year just past.

Dave looks at how it was for Precious Plastic and Project Kamp. Mattia shines some light on the newly release One Army. Kat shares some data about the community and how it is growing. Whilst Joseph provides an overview of the money side of things with some numbers and strategies.

Enjoy and wishes for a mighty year ahead.

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November 2020

Monthly News 46

Dave presents November Monthly News from our newly purchased Project Kamp land in Portugal 🇵🇹 Still pretty bare but super happy to finally be there.

Lots of news from our Precious Plastic community, with new products and applications. Plus updates from Precious Plastic team in France with new research on recycled sheets (a 50kg sheet and a super-thin one).

Supplier guide
Will it shred

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October 2020

Monthly News 45

This month Dave looks into the Beyond plastic series and the solid work form Jannis, shares the new Project Kamp video about structuring our own little community during Precious Plastic  Version 4 AND Joseph & Kat explain how you could help Precious Plastic find a new space.

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September 2020

Monthly News 44

Dave presents various new sheet presses from the community, the Kickstarter campaign from Jason, asks feedback about the Monthly News and presents the new Project Kamp academy.

Project Kamp Academy
Recycled plastic skateboard
The Darkside of Data
Sheetpress how-to
Purchase products on the bazar

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August 2020

Monthly News 43

The Precious Plastic team moves to France, Dave gets a new haircut for the Amazon Shave Club and Kat visits many Precious Plastic workspace across Europe.

Connect to people on the Map  
Find machines, moulds and bricks on the Bazar
Get involved and help us push our projects

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July 2020

Monthly News 42

After over 2 years of search, visits and Portuguese meeting we've finally bought a piece of land in Portugal! This is the very beginning of Project Kamp.

Find more info about the project on Project Kamp website

Check out all the How-to's

Solar plastic injection

@weeklydesignchallenge on Instagram

Best time to support on Patreon :)

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June 2020

Monthly News 41

Dave takes you on a tour of Eindhoven before leaving the city. Find out all the city's landmarks and a little interview with Dido, the bread maker donating tons of bread to the team.

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May 2020

Monthly News 40

Few behind the scenes on how we emptied our workspace in less than a month plus a Q&A with Dave.