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We grow up and live with a very set worldview that doesn't include planet earth and other living beings.

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What we do

We create videos that share useful information or ways how to change our habits and worldview. Shaping a new culture.

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We tend to think that the problems in the world are solved by faster technology, new inventions or special materials.  But most of today's problems afflicting the planet were once solutions.

Sometimes we can also solve problems by educating ourselves, making wiser decisions or changing our habits. Story hopper is a collection of short insightful videos trying to look at things from a different angle.

Sometimes they are exposing a problem like the lithium mines in Chile, trying to become wiser by living with monks in Thailand or cleaning up a beach from plastic in Indonesia.

What we did so far

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Plastic waste in the ocean

Season 1

The first season has a diverse selection of 21 videos. It contains landfills, raising an old industrial chicken, stop using shampoo and wearing a real and fake shoe for a year.

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Season 2

After educating a lot in Season 1, we noticed that it was time to take real action. Make small changes in life, change habits, resists against certain systems.

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We would love to create Season 3. We have many more stories and knowledge to share. But Season 3 would be way more complex and will require a bigger production team.

Need to find the resources to make that happen :)