Dave on TV!
Feb 1, 2021


Me and phonebloks on live TV from amsterdam, it was my first time!


A moment from

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Yellow Van parked in tuscany

Driving to Project Kamp!

A pan and a strainer to dye with avocado

Avocado dyeing in Barcelona

Team collecting bottles in front of a dumpsite

Collecting thousands of plastic bottles for an installation at Glow

man wiring cables for recycling machine

Late wiring

darning repair on a sock

Socks darning repair

Graphic showing dazed and Fixing Fashion logo

Fixing Fashion on Dazed

Plastic sheet

Plastic sheets in London

two vans and two man in a field

Basekamp is growing

Phonebloks ad in London street

Ad in London

Recycled plastic hydroponic vase

Extruded hydroponic vase

Storyhopper video covers

Story Hopper 1 Year

Dave in Silicon Valley

Phoneblocks worldwide


Project Ara prototype

Extrusion machine

Design of the year nominee

D&AD Award

D&AD Award

The original Phonebloks model

Phoneblocks in museum

Two man facing each other and talking

Jaden Smith in the workspace

man and children talking about plastic

Kenya visit

Shredder machine

Shredder in Rimini

Injection machine

Machinery in Indonesia