Extrusion machine
Feb 1, 2021

Extrusion machine photoshoot

The good old white background makes anything look pretty.

A moment from

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Magazine cover


waste in the Maldives

Exotic waste


Project Ara prototype

Two man facing each other and talking

Jaden Smith in the workspace

Man surrounded by plastic bottles

One year without using plastic bottles

3D drawing of the sheetpress

How to make a 1.5 m Sheetpress

Precious Plastic badge

1 year after V2

two vans and two man in a field

Basekamp is growing

Storyhopper video covers

Story Hopper 1 Year

Phonebloks ad in London street

Ad in London

Plastic recycled plastic knife handle.

Plastic Knife

Team collecting bottles in front of a dumpsite

Collecting thousands of plastic bottles for an installation at Glow

plastic waste from the beach

Ocean Plastic

Dutch Queen shaking hands with Dave

Solid handshake

Dave's setup for the extrusion.

Prototype Extrusion

Rocket Stove

DIY aluminum moulds

Precious plastic machine printed

The world is getting started

Youtube channel

1 Million!

Dave in Silicon Valley

Phoneblocks worldwide

parts of a phone

Modular phone in progress