Man surrounded by plastic bottles
Feb 1, 2021

One year without using plastic bottles

Mission accomplished 🥳

At the beginning of 2018 I set out to buy, use or accept zero plastic bottles or bags.

This picture portrays me with 173 plastic bottles which equals to the average number of bottles used by a single sapiens in a year. Times 7 billions. You get the idea.
This year I have been super lucky to travel to incredible and remote places. Colombian jungle, Brazilian rainforest or Marocco where water is not always accessible. But with a bit of preparation, the right tools (reusable glass and metal bottles, tote bags and backpack) and an untouchable perseverance I managed to pull out of my plastic addiction and reduce my contribution to the plastic mess.

This upcoming year join the #zeroplasticresolution it's fun and feels good 💪

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