Feb 1, 2021

Phone project

Working on the movie of my phone project.


A moment from

More moments


Ara – DevCon

man on beach with plastic waste

Recycling plastic in Hawaii

Shipping container converted in a workspace

Our basekamp in shipping containers

D&AD Award

D&AD Award

machines packed

Transport approved

Keychains made from recycled plastic

Keychains made with the injector

Phonebloks ad in London street

Ad in London

man wiring cables for recycling machine

Late wiring

A pan and a strainer to dye with avocado

Avocado dyeing in Barcelona

Maldives pilot

Maldives container

Extrusion machine

Extrusion machine photoshoot

Pallet with disassembled machine

Flatpack Sheetpress

Containers being unloaded

Basekamp is almost ready!

two badges in one hand

Badges around the world

Bright magazine cover

Bright cover

Man wearing a gasmask

Business guy In the workspace

Precious Plastic and Grameen team posing for a picture

Precious Plastic meets Yunus Muhammad

Rocket Stove

DIY aluminum moulds

Phoneblocks community map

Phoneblocks Community

woman in front of a pile of recycled clothes

Our old clothes heading to Africa