Yellow Van parked in tuscany
Dec 10, 2020

Driving to Project Kamp!

Mattia & Catie are driving from Tuscany to Portugal to bring the yellow van they lived in for 5 years to its final destination, Project Kamp. First mobile home.

A moment from

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Injection machine

Machinery in Indonesia

Mattia on a boat looking out

To boat or not to boat?


Making a lunch video

plastic recycled flowerpot

Extruded flowerpot


Phone project


Badges are here!

Three man hugging

Precious Plastic meets Bope

Containers on a truck with a forklift

Containers arrived in Portugal

Dave getting a machine ready

Blueprints in the making


Funny Hopper

green plastic sheet

Working on sheets

Little girl playing with recycled plastic

Experimenting in Taiwan

Storyhopper video covers

Story Hopper 1 Year

Bright magazine cover

Bright cover

Men in Korea

Upcycling center Korea

Crate storage

Crate Storage

Keychains made from recycled plastic

Keychains made with the injector

Group of people standing in front of a workspace

Precious Plastic team


Project Ara prototype

two vans and two man in a field

Basekamp is growing