Feb 1, 2021

Making a lunch video

A new story is coming! It's about lunch.

A moment from

More moments

man wiring cables for recycling machine

Late wiring

Project Kamp badge

Project Kamp Badge


Just a nice note


Phone project

man swimming in a lake

We've been clearing the spring

people in a rock

Looking for a land in Portugal

Mexico team of students setting up Precious Plastic

Machines in Mexico

Men in Korea

Upcycling center Korea

Recycled plastic hydroponic vase

Extruded hydroponic vase

Injection machine

Machinery in Indonesia

Phoneblocks community map

Phoneblocks Community

Mattia on a boat looking out

To boat or not to boat?

Colourful beams

Working on beams

Worry bead mould for recycled plastic

Worry beads mould

Pallet with disassembled machine

Flatpack Sheetpress

three man posing

Nigerian connections

Dave on TV!


Crate storage

Crate Storage


Hardware store

Solar system on a container

Solar Setup in Basekamp