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Feb 1, 2021


Never thought i would end up as a coverboy.


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Hand making a taco

Plant-based delight ☘️ 🤤⁣

Broken camera pieces

Broken camera

Sheetpress machine

Playful Sheetpress

Two man facing each other and talking

Jaden Smith in the workspace

parts of a chicken toy

Sorry chicken

Recycled plastic hydroponic vase

Extruded hydroponic vase

Hand holding an envelop

We have shipped the first One Army rewards!

Shipping container converted in a workspace

Our basekamp in shipping containers

Youtube channel

1 Million!

Dutch Queen shaking hands with Dave

Solid handshake

Extrusion machine

Extrusion machine photoshoot

Phonebloks ad in London street

Ad in London

Men in Korea

Upcycling center Korea

Man surrounded by plastic bottles

One year without using plastic bottles

Shredder machine

Shredder in Rimini

green plastic sheet

Working on sheets

Crate storage

Crate Storage

Colourful beams

Working on beams


Badges are here!

Precious Plastic badge

1 year after V2