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Feb 1, 2021


Never thought i would end up as a coverboy.


A moment from

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machines packed

Transport approved

plastic waste from the beach

Ocean Plastic

Little girl playing with recycled plastic

Experimenting in Taiwan

two vans and two man in a field

Basekamp is growing

Plastic sheet

Plastic sheets in London

Three people in front of a van

Wild office

Youtube channel

1 Million!

Containers being unloaded

Basekamp is almost ready!

man and children talking about plastic

Kenya visit

Group of people serving food

Precious Plastic Version 4 team enjoying a vegan lunch

Rocket Stove

DIY aluminum moulds

Dave's setup for the extrusion.

Prototype Extrusion

Broken camera pieces

Broken camera

3 people holding a sheet of recycled plastic

Recycled sheets research

Mattia on a boat looking out

To boat or not to boat?

The original Phonebloks model

Phoneblocks in museum

Extrusion machine

Extrusion machine photoshoot

Phonebloks ad in London street

Ad in London

Precious Plastic and Grameen team posing for a picture

Precious Plastic meets Yunus Muhammad

Dutch Queen shaking hands with Dave

Solid handshake