Containers being unloaded
May 18, 2021

Basekamp is almost ready!

After a few months of waiting for the roads to be cleared and the rain to stop they finally arrived. Our shipping containers! Big upgrade to our Basekamp, we now have tools a kitchen and Cacao! Next up electricity and water. Follow our progress here

A moment from

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Little girl playing with recycled plastic

Experimenting in Taiwan



2 man in front of recycled sheet

First sheets from Nigeria

blue lamp made from recycled plastic

Lamps made in Korea

Three people in front of a van

Wild office

Phonebloks ad in London street

Ad in London

Vegan food in a plate

Delicious vegan food, everyday!

4 men with recycled bricks

Bricks from ocean plastic

Fixing Fashion badge in the shape of a hashtag

Fixing Fashion badge is here

Group of people serving food

Precious Plastic Version 4 team enjoying a vegan lunch

Project Kamp badge

Project Kamp Badge

waste in the Maldives

Exotic waste



two man posing in Nigeria

Precious Plastic in Nigeria

Woman facing camera

BBC show

Broken camera pieces

Broken camera

man washing some plastic

New washing system

Mexico team of students setting up Precious Plastic

Machines in Mexico

woman in front of a pile of recycled clothes

Our old clothes heading to Africa

Shredder machine

Shredder in Rimini