4 men with recycled bricks
May 1, 2021

Bricks from ocean plastic

After a couple of weeks of very intense work in Honolulu, Hawaii we managed to create bricks from ocean plastic.

Plastic from the ocean poses many challenges to recycling but after many attempts and struggles we managed to recycled it into bricks. More on this project soon.

A moment from

More moments


Researching components

Mattia on a boat looking out

To boat or not to boat?

Man working on a recycling extruder machine

Brick making training

Prototype of a washing system

Washing system prototype

Woman drying shredded plastic

Faces of Dhaka

Extrusion machine

Design of the year nominee

Woman working on a lathe

Carolina making stuff in the workspace

Woman standing on landfill

Precious Plastic pilot #3 in the Maldives

darning repair on a sock

Socks darning repair

Dave getting a machine ready

Blueprints in the making

Men in Korea

Upcycling center Korea


Cable Paradise


Project Ara prototype

man watching a training on a computer

Online recycling training

Man wearing a gasmask

Business guy In the workspace

man swimming in a lake

We've been clearing the spring



man on beach with plastic waste

Recycling plastic in Hawaii


Ara – DevCon

Pallet with disassembled machine

Flatpack Sheetpress