Group of people standing in front of a workspace
Jan 2, 2021

Precious Plastic team

One of the best things that happen this year is that #preciousplastic got its own dedicated team. A group that stayed after we developed Version 4. They wanted to continue to push the project, every single day. Deploying starterkits, improving machines, chatting with the community. It has been really great to see a big boost of fresh new energy into the project.

Big thanks these wonderful people! 🙏

A moment from

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Ara – DevCon

plastic waste from the beach

Ocean Plastic

plastic recycled flowerpot

Extruded flowerpot

Dave's setup for the extrusion.

Prototype Extrusion

Little girl playing with recycled plastic

Experimenting in Taiwan


Researching components

Extruded lamp

Kees is making stuff with plastic

Youtube channel

1 Million!

waste in the Maldives

Exotic waste


Hardware store

Broken camera pieces

Broken camera

Plastic sheet

Plastic sheets in London

Girls running Precious Plastic machines

Machines in Taiwan

Green ex german army mercedes ambulance 609D converted to a camper parked on a land

Arrived in the land

Precious Plastic injection machine

Customised Injection machine

3 people holding a sheet of recycled plastic

Recycled sheets research

Rocket Stove

DIY aluminum moulds

blue lamp made from recycled plastic

Lamps made in Korea

The original Phonebloks model

Phoneblocks in museum

scrapy can

Plastic on land