Dave's setup for the extrusion.
Feb 1, 2021

Prototype Extrusion

Dave's setup for the extrusion.

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Sheetpress machine

Playful Sheetpress

plastic recycled flowerpot

Extruded flowerpot

Woman drying shredded plastic

Faces of Dhaka

Maldives pilot

Maldives container

Three man hugging

Precious Plastic meets Bope


Phone project

A pan and a strainer to dye with avocado

Avocado dyeing in Barcelona

Precious Plastic injection machine

Customised Injection machine

man washing some plastic

New washing system

two man posing in Nigeria

Precious Plastic in Nigeria

Woman standing on landfill

Precious Plastic pilot #3 in the Maldives

Boijmans museum

Storyhopper in Boijmans

plastic waste from the beach

Ocean Plastic

Recycled plastic hydroponic vase

Extruded hydroponic vase

Extrusion machine

Extrusion hacks

Plastic sheet

Plastic sheets in London

Rocket Stove

DIY aluminum moulds

Injection machine

Machinery in Indonesia

Hand holding an envelop

We have shipped the first One Army rewards!

nike shoes

Fake Vs. Real