Dutch Queen shaking hands with Dave
Feb 1, 2021

Solid handshake

Had a chat with the Queen today to discuss the future of Dutch Design. The lady has a solid handshake 👌

A moment from

More moments

Green ex german army mercedes ambulance 609D converted to a camper parked on a land

Arrived in the land

Dave on TV!



Just a nice note

Shredder machine

Shredder in Rimini

Injection machine

Machinery in Indonesia

Maldives pilot

Maldives container



Men building machines

Mattia doing events

Phonebloks ad in London street

Ad in London

Woman drying shredded plastic

Faces of Dhaka

Sheetpress machine

Playful Sheetpress

Phoneblocks community map

Phoneblocks Community

Rocket Stove

DIY aluminum moulds

Colourful beams

Working on beams

Youtube channel

1 Million!

Group of people serving food

Precious Plastic Version 4 team enjoying a vegan lunch

Mattia on a boat looking out

To boat or not to boat?


Cable Paradise

Phonebloks models

Found these old models when cleaning up


Ara – DevCon