blue lamp made from recycled plastic
Feb 1, 2021

Lamps made in Korea

Lamps made by Circle Activity in South Korea with their extrusion machine 🇰🇷

A moment from

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Sheetpress machine

Playful Sheetpress

Crate storage

Crate Storage

Colourful beams

Working on beams

waste in the Maldives

Exotic waste

Two man facing each other and talking

Jaden Smith in the workspace

parts of a chicken toy

Sorry chicken


Making a lunch video

4 men with recycled bricks

Bricks from ocean plastic

green plastic sheet

Working on sheets

Men in Korea

Upcycling center Korea

Hand making a taco

Plant-based delight ☘️ 🤤⁣


Project Ara prototype

Shredder machine

Shredder in Rimini

portrait of a man

First helper

2 man in front of recycled sheet

First sheets from Nigeria

Woman facing camera

BBC show

Mexico team of students setting up Precious Plastic

Machines in Mexico

Project Kamp badge

Project Kamp Badge

Dave's setup for the extrusion.

Prototype Extrusion

Phonebloks models

Found these old models when cleaning up