man and children talking about plastic
Feb 1, 2021

Kenya visit

Our second visit in Kisii Kenya 🇰🇪 was yet another rollercoaster of findings, learning, surprises, failures & successes.
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A moment from

More moments

waste in the Maldives

Exotic waste

Shredded car bumpers

Car bumpers

Solar system on a container

Solar Setup in Basekamp

man watching a training on a computer

Online recycling training

blue lamp made from recycled plastic

Lamps made in Korea

Dave on TV!


Men in Korea

Upcycling center Korea

Bright magazine cover

Bright cover

Youtube channel

1 Million!

scrapy can

Plastic on land

Two man facing each other and talking

Jaden Smith in the workspace


Just a nice note

Shipping container converted in a workspace

Our basekamp in shipping containers

Dave in Silicon Valley

Phoneblocks worldwide

A pan and a strainer to dye with avocado

Avocado dyeing in Barcelona



three man posing

Nigerian connections

Team collecting bottles in front of a dumpsite

Collecting thousands of plastic bottles for an installation at Glow

Recycled plastic hydroponic vase

Extruded hydroponic vase

The original Phonebloks model

Phoneblocks in museum