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Sep 18, 2020

Meet Recycle On The Spot

We took a trip to Berlin to interview Moritz and learn more about their recycling journey.

Man holding recycled plastic in front of a machine
Moritz showing some experiments
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Hey folks!

Joseph here from the Precious Plastic team. A few weeks ago, I was in Berlin and had the opportunity to visit Recycle on the Spot, a Precious Plastic workspace in the German capital. When we're travelling we like to check in with the local Precious Plastic people and see what they're up too and learn from their projects. Thought I'd share a bit about my visit so you can also peer into our community.

Recycle on the Spot is tucked away in an old industrial Berlin factory right near Berlin-Tegel airport (heard about 20 planes fly overhead while I was there). It's a small two-room space packed with plastic objects and machines in the making. The front space has a small showcase of different products and projects they've done while the back is for heavy building 💪

Man operating a plastic recycling machine
Moritz showing his Precious Plastic machine
hands showing some recycled products
Recycled Experiments

Designer Moritz Wussow leads the project, by now he's become quite an expert in Precious Plastic machines and methodology since starting up the project with a co-founder just a few years ago. Their first big contribution to the community was to pack the injection and shredder machine into a portable flightcase box, which they've taken to festivals in Germany, France, Spain and Morocco. It was quite a treat to see this iconic machine in person for the first time.

Nowadays Mortiz is focusing on building machines and custom mould making for clients. They recently released a new soap dish product on the Bazar that uses a really interesting low-tech technique for the mould.

Mortiz and I talked a lot about the direction of the Precious Plastic community, how to sustain ourselves as open-source, and Recycle on the Spot's plan for the second half of the year.

Thanks Mortiz for being such an important Precious Plastic's contributor through the years and pushing the boundaries with your machines and products!

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