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Jul 6, 2020

We Are Now Selling Starterkits

To help people start recycling across the world we're launching the Precious Plastic starterkits for people to buy and get start.

Starterkit with machines and parts
Starterkit with machines and parts
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We’re excited to announce that we’re now selling Starterkit packages through our website that include all the machines and accessories needed to get started. People have been asking to buy machines and kits from us since the very beginning. So listening to them, people can finally buy Starterkits directly from Precious Plastic.


We made the decision to move in this new direction for a couple of reasons:

1. Expand access to people that want to get started, but request extra help. In our experience there is a group of people out there that want to start a Precious Plastic workspace, often coming from companies/NGO’s, but want help with that process from start to finish.

2. Push deployment of V4 machines. The V4 machines are a bit more expensive to make and thus require a bigger project investment of time and energy. Offering Starterkits with added consultation provides some more security for these projects, which will result in more v4 machines being deployed.

3. Create a faster feedback process of development. We believe this will give our team more hands-on experience with the problems faced on the ground around the community, so that we can more quickly publish improvements through How To’s and eventually roll them into the next official releases.

4. And lastly, we’re kind of broke after covid-19 and need a viable business model to make sure Precious Plastic can exist in the future. Almost 500 people are already supporting us on Patreon ( but it is not enough yet to support the growing Precious Plastic team needed to maintain the project.

Illustration of different Precious Plastic starterkits
Starterkits illustration

Win Win

We are very happy to have found a solution that builds upon and financially supports the existing members of the Precious Plastic Community. To fulfil these orders we will work with Precious Plastic machine builders, designers and community builders. We’re starting off with suppliers in Europe, but our ultimate goal is to have machine builders as close to the delivery point as possible. For the extra support, we will work with people in the Precious Plastic network to provide high quality consulting to help make these projects a success.

Browse Starterkits

Below you can find all the individual kits with pics and descriptions of what’s included. Make sure to write us a message if anything is unclear or want some clarifications.

Bricks Starterkit
Sheets Starterkit
Events Starterkit
Beams Starterkit

Have fun and let us know what you think,
Ciao from Mattia!

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Have a look at this pilot we set up in the Maldives with Parleys using one of these starterkits, learn about Precious Plastic Impact or start wondering what you would recycled with one of these starterkits.