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Apr 24, 2020

We are kicked out of our workspace and sell EVERYTHING

During Covid-19, Eindhoven municipality found a dangerous paint in our workspace. We’ve been asked to immediately evacuate the building and we're selling everything (but the chocolate)!

Eindhoven's workspace main entrance with caution tape around and a police car in front
Precious Plastic HQ Eindhoven
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We have an important announcement for the entire community. We’re workspaceless.

If you thought Covid-19 was enough of a disruption for business as usual, think twice. On top of all our current projects having been cancelled due to CoronaVirus, in March the municipality of Eindhoven after running tests in our workspace found Corona’s big brother, Chromium 6. Apparently a dangerous compound found in the paint covering our workspace. Just what we need during the CoronaVirus pandemic

Without much of a second thought, we’ve been asked to immediately vacate the building and empty it of all machines, tools, products, materials and chocolates within 30 days. Which considering current Covid lockdown seems, to say the least, challenging.

We sell everything!

But we want to use this challenge to try out something new. On top of all the machines and tools, the workspace is full of unique plastic products, furniture, art objects and experiments. Too good to go. These are one-off pieces made with love from either Dave or some of the super talented designers that helped us through the years.

bench, stool, chair, bookshelves made of recycled plastic
Version 4 Furtinure
Horn made of recycled plastic
Precious Plastic Horn

Vases made of recycled plastic
Prototyping Vases

We sell in 2 places:

BAZAR: Here you can find our exclusive objects, experiments and special editions. These are unique objects that took a lot of handwork and hours to make. These objects are made for R&D, they explore new techniques and push plastic recycling further. These are very precious to us.
Explore precious objects on our bazar

MARKTPLAATS : Here we sell our second hand stuff. Tools, chairs, fridges, functional prototypes, robot arm, machine components etc. Honestly we are happy if these resources find a new owner that uses it properly, so flexible with pricing. Specially if you run a Precious Plastic Space we are VERY flexible 🙂
See +110 second hand items

All the money generated will go to cover outstanding expenses from Version 4 and to further develop Precious Plastic to the next level. Now more than ever we need help and support from our community. Head to the Bazar & Marktplaats and grab your own unique piece of Precious Plastic 🎁

Watch the latest monthly news to see more about our workspace sale

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Yes, real difficult situation. But we're though :) Check out our temporary workspace in France, how the Precious Plastic community tackled covid or check out this exhibition we made back in 2017.