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Oct 22, 2017

V3 Exhibition. Sharing possibilities for plastic recycling.

Precious Plastic V3 is a fact. We updated our entire online world, but this time, for the first time ever, we also did an offline exhibition.

Version 3 exhibition
Precious Plastic Version 3 offline exhibition.
This article is part of Precious Plastic, a One Army project tackling the plastic waste problem. You can learn more

Setting up an exhibition is a common thing to do as a designer. However I never did this or even felt the urge to do this, my projects are on the internet documented for everyone. Wherever you live. However for Version 3 we made sooo many new interesting experiments, tryouts, objects, techniques, texture and color blends. Things you just want to see and touch in real life.  So besides making many tutorial videos and updating our online world we also went afk.

During the Dutch Design Week we camped out on Sectie-C in a big empty building and set up an entire exhibition on Precious Plastic. Showing our machines, blocks of waste, experiments we’ve done and products made by our worldwide community. And specially for this occasion introducing our artifacts. Precious delicate crafted objects that tell a story of plastic. Showing a whole range of possibilities and applications you can do with plastic waste. Inviting and hopefully inspiring others designers around the world to start working with this material.

During the opening community members dropped by from France, Indonesia, Germany, Spain, Italy, Austria, UK, US, Taiwan. Truly amazing to see this army of plastic recyclers in real life. We’ve all seen eachother very often online and chatted, but having a real conversations definitely tops that.

A huge thanks for the team to set up this exhibition, many hours, nights and jars of peanut butter went into this. 🍞

The exhibition will run until the 29th of October.
Drop by to have a chat and touch everything 🙂

Or check it out online we still love that as well!


precious plastic exhibition version 3
Product table – creations made by our online community.


precious plastic exhibition version 3 and visitors
Precious Plastic meet-up with members from around the world.


recycled plastic tiles
Wall tiles thanks to Bope in Thailand.


precious plastic exhibition version 3
Overview of the exhibition.


precious plastic exhibition version 3 and people
We actually have a routing in our exhibition from machine to product. A bit to busy though. 😅


men explaining an extrusion machine
Jerry and Emile helping out guys from France that brought their extruder and shredder.


girls at the precious plastic exhibition
Hands down our most popular team member.



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