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Oct 25, 2018

Times 40

Precious humans bringing into life an old and empty warehouse. Hats off to our early team of Version 4 volunteers.

Precious Plastic Version 4 early team 2018
Precious Plastic Version 4 early team 2018
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It’s almost one month since we’ve officially started working on Precious Plastic Version 4. We’ve gone from a team of 4 to an army of 40, in 4 weeks.

Big up to our early heroes that got here right at the beginning of September to help turn an empty warehouse into a functioning workspace. Endless trips to the second-hand store, daily visits to the hardware store and moving all our heavy-duty machinery. In precarious conditions 😆, this team has been extra-exceptional to lay the foundation of the upcoming work.

people in a warehouse
Setting up a shredded plastic station.
girl painting a table structure
Second hand & in-house made furniture.
group of people painting boxes
Bringing color to the grey warehouse.
group of people warming up with yoga
Morning Yoga everyday.

From early October the team is mostly complete. An incredible international collective working on V4 coming from all corners of life. Different skills, ideas, opinions, knowledge and solutions that helps Precious Plastic become better by the day. We’re now beginning to see quite a bit of melting and developments from our engineers and designers in the workspace. Together with the daily (ye sure) yoga sessions by our Chief Team Fun, DJ boy.

Finally, we’re also managing to dedicate time to research areas that we’ve always wanted to look into but never managed in previous versions, including Polystyrene, PET, and… the long-awaited business plan from our 🇱🇷 man, Joseph! Plastic-aside, we’ve visited the Hambach forest protest in Germany, found houses for the team (epic task!) and probably spent 1000+ combined hours cycling so far. True Dutch style 🚴

men experimenting with a big oven
First experiments with the Sheetpress Oven.
Visit a coal mine as part of Ende Gelaende.
The Team at Ende Gelaende.

We’re now in the midst of the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, with our team that has expanded to welcome fellow friends from Esferica, Zelenew, and other community members. Check back next week for a full rundown of the design week, our exhibition ‘A day in the workspace’, and a series of inspiring guests that presented their work in our Colosseum (presentation area).

Last but not least, big shout to our (vegan) chefs. Yegor, Akos and Serafina. Feeding us daily with the most delicious vegan food we could possibly imagine. No regrets. Just inspiring daily delight. Everyone is sold ❤️

Feeding the designers.
Vegan delights ♡

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