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Oct 30, 2017

This weekend I won €10.000 and now it's gone

After winning the award the money was quickly gone, paid the team and paid the costs.

man winning the toekomstbouwer award
Dave won the Future-builder award.
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Last Saturday I was nominated as a toekomstbouwer (“futurebuilder”) on a Dutch television show and the winner received €10K, free to spend on whatever you want. I won 🙂 This is a lot of money. Specially for a guy like me without a proper job and a project funded on donations.

In the last months we’ve been developing Precious Plastic V3.  Donations are a crucial part to make sure we can actually try and make things.  By far most of our budget went into materials to experiment, make moulds and fix machines. For this version we went 4000 euro over budget though. More details in this video

However a waaaay more crucial part for the project is the people involved. Without this amazing group of people from all over the world this version would have not existed. Spending many long summer days in our workspace melting plastic. People like this should be rewarded, they could have spend their time going on a holiday or working in a supermarket earning some money. But they choose to voluntarily come to a dusty concrete workspace in Helmond to boost plastic recycling. I always wished I could give them something in return, however my budget is limited. 🙁

Until  I won that prize, sooo

Long story short.

I used €4000 to pay for the extra costs from V3.
I gave  €6000 to the team
And I bought myself a bar of fine dark chocolate 🙏

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