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Aug 21, 2015

Some thoughts on the project Ara delay

A few days ago project Ara said they are delayed.People got upset, look at our facebook/phonebloks. And well..people have a point. Google promised. But i’m not sad, here is why.

Modularity delayed!
This article is part of Phonebloks, a One Army project tackling the e-waste problem. You can learn more

When I shared Phonebloks it was just an idea, something I thought would make sense to reduce e-waste. It was a future vision, something that would hopefully be made in 5-10 years.

Some companies are trying to make a modular phone. Of all those companies Google is taking the biggest leap. They have an insane amount of resources/smart guys and set a 2 year timeframe for themselves to get it done. Seemed unrealistic and turns out it is. They are delayed for over a year!

However this is not bad. Sure the sooner it would be in our hands the better since we could save e-waste. But it’s not just a new smartphone update. The future of our phone is being made here. It takes time and they should take their time, make it right.


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