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Oct 4, 2023

Quarterly update October 2023

A roof from aluminum cans in Project Kamp, a brick mould made by the Precious Plastic Community and software updates!

Quarterly update October 2023
Trash bins made with Precious Plastic in Hongkong
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This quarter was summer. We’ve seen people sweating away in Project Kamp folding 500 drinking cans in 45°, the global Precious Plastic community continued to develop and increase their OS knowledge and spread this directly in their neighbourhoods and the software team has been building new features for all our online communities. Here an overview of what is done

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Project Kamp
In Project Kamp summer is busy, right in the middle of our Season. We transformed Mattia’s old yellow Van, build a new toilet, with an experimental roof from old drinking cans, bought an old rusty pig trailer to turn into a house and we finally also bought the land in the middle of our land. Yes, weird story but true. Watch the video. (most popular one this period.). Also a lot of landscaping work is done, our main priority right now is preventing another wild fire. It’s a massive amount of work ahead but we're making progress. Ah and we also integrated two advertisement in our videos. (first time ever in One Army!) You might think thats boring. True. But if we do four of those we can buy a tractor. Which would speed up our landscaping work a lot. So halfway there! :)

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Precious Plastic

We’re continuing our mission to empower the community. We got 18 new how-to’s. A few popular ones are: The new version of an interlocking brick mould. A nice mobile recycling station build in a tuktuk (👆) and a slick looking bicycle powered shredder. We also continue our journey to visit and highlight community members around the world. We got a nice story of Manduku in Kenya (you might have seen him before) show a plastic welding technique in Kenya and visit workspace in Italy including that makes sheets from old coffee cups. We also meetup with our complete remote team and planned our 10 year birthday for Precious Plastic 21st October. So mark your agenda! 🎉

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Community Platform

As always, many bug fixes done! So thats out of the way. We also made quite a few improvements to our software. You can now save drafts for research and how-to’s, we improved our error messages to help people write better content. We also added the ability to upload files to research with download counter,  improved the filtering options in the overview to make it easier to find how-to's and added thumbnails to the research overview to make it look nicer. Next we will roll-out email notifications. If you want to help out improving our software go to our Github. Its active!

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