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Oct 4, 2022

Quarterly update October 2022

Upgrades to the Precious Plastic Bazar, Ruin renovation in Project Kamp and more Community Platform contributors

Quarterly update October 2022
Quarterly update October 2022
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Hey One Army! Summer, heat and fires are finally behind us and close to enjoying some time to rest and reflect after a busy summer.

Precious Plastic
This quarter we gave a big boost to our Bazar. We love the Bazar. It’s a source of income to support the global community, all the machine builders and workspaces. Plus it creates a place for people to buy recycling equipment. We now have a team of 4 working on it and this quarter alone saw 80% more machines and moulds being sold.

We made a video on how to make a sheet. Pssss the new channel, subscribe!

Over the past few months a team from Precious Plastic plus the whole Discord community worked on a new arbor injection press, check out a sneak preview.

Project Kamp

We're still running after many forest fires in the region around us. Community continues to grow. Offline we are now with 17 People and making good progress renovating the ruin. Online we have over 360K subscribers.

After 2 years of observing and talking with neighbours we are now getting started making or masterplan for the coming 10-20 years!

Community Platform

This quarter many backend work and mobile bugfixes. We’ve also been working hard to build a strong contributor base around the open source project. So if you see problems with the platform let us know. We are ready to fix! Also started doing our monthly dev calls public on Discord.

One Army in Numbers
Patreon: 806 Patrons
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Discord: 24.639 users
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Newsletter: 2997

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