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Jul 4, 2022

Quarterly update July 2022

200K subscribers for Project Kamp, 5 upgraded Precious Plastic machines and community software for Fixing Fashion

Quarterly update July 2022
Quarterly update July 2022
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Hola One Army! Closing yet another hotter-on-record-month in Europe, One Army is head down on its projects working for a more balanced and just human life on earth.

Precious Plastic
Over spring the Precious Plastic team has released new designs for 5 machines (2 more coming) to help improve efficiency, safety, transport and ergonomics. Curious? Check out our latest How-tos to discover all the new features. Bear in mind these are still in beta and are continuous work in progress.

Additionally, for the past year or so we've been working on a new partnership with Weima to make a brand new shredder (Patreon link) for the community.

Project Kamp

Season 2 has finally started and we’re already over 200k subs! We’ve also started using a new module from our Community Platform Software. Research! Here we document ongoing development like the design of our new community center or whether we can make a roof from recycled plastic. Have a look, see the mistakes and share your knowledge to help out!

Community Platform

The Community Platform has finally a solid team of developers shipping code on a regular basis, yay! Over the past few months we’ve added many small new features to improve the overall user experience to help One Army better coordinate on a global scale. Amongst others we've added site wide notifications, external file attachment + download count, option for digital events and better integrated verified users. This and more will roll out in the coming weeks plus we will deploy a new instance to Fixing Fashion too ♡

Fixing Fashion

In solidarity with the people of Ukraine we've made a Fixing Fashion video on how to combine two old t-shirt together to join the cause. Show your support without the waste!

One Army in Numbers
Patreon: 764 Patrons
Patreon income: 3203$
Discord: 22.432 users
Youtube: 354K subscribers
Newsletter: 2813

Until next time,
Mattia and the entire One Army team

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