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Dec 30, 2023

Quarterly update december 2023

A new €100.000 Open Source fund, house made in an old pig trailer and a tool to show impact data of the community!

Precious Plastic switches and hooks
Precious Plastic light switches and hooks
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We love it when the communities of our projects can help eachother out. Above are two examples of that. Project Kamp wanted recycled plastic switches and made a call online, Johannplasto from Precious Plastic replied and developed an Open Source mould to make them. And the hooks are made by fair-enough from the yearly plastic waste in Project Kamp. Shredded and injected on pure solar energy.

Project Kamp
Last quarter we got ready for winter. We finished our colourful trailer house. The theme of this house was reusing old material. It’s made in an old pigtrailer, using old textile insulation, old coloured panels from a tradeshow, off-cut granite for the woodstove, leftover wood for the wall. It became quite funky looking house yet very comfortable inside. We also created our first “lake” and dug swales on the land, right in time to catch that upcoming winter rain. (it works!) And Yes. We also finished Season 3! What a year its been, which means a little break and no more weekly videos. We’ll be back in April and meanwhile you can sign up here if you want to come and join us next year.Thanks all for watching us chopping spikey bushes!

Precious Plastic

In October it was Precious Plastic 10th Birthday 🥳 We made a special overview video that tells the story of our journey. And for this special occasion we also released the PPOSF (Precious Plastic Open Source Fund) Where over €100.000 is given out to the community so they can make/develop/document new ways and methods of recycling. Long live Open Source! Talking about that, we also got a few new moulds. A Clothing hanger, Sunglasses and a creative mould that make an impossible chain. Keep documenting!


Community Platform

We released a few useful new features for our community software. You can now see statistics, yep including views, in how-to’s and research. Added email notifications to keep track and on profiles you can see what contributions they made. We’ve also been releasing a few cool beta-features. Like being able to add impact statistics to your workspace, so for instance on Precious Plastic you can show how much KG plastic you recycled. Next we’re working on a new Q&A module so people can ask questions or answer others and help fellow community members. Join on Github if you want to help out coding!  

Thats it. Go enjoy the last day of the year!

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