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Jan 4, 2023

Quarterly update April 2023

A new Precious Plastic injector and the start of Project Kamp Season 3

Quarterly update January 2023
Quarterly update January 2023
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Heyo One Army! Spring is blooming and so we are too ♡ Here's what we've been up to:  

Fixing Fashion

We’ve started thinking of a new version of Fixing Fashion. Up until the project has mostly been focussed on Fixing and remaking clothes. But not every piece of garment or textile can be reused as it is. We want to go into the next step of material processing. Shredding, melting remoulding etc. Using the knowledge we got from Precious Plastic to build a global Open Source network of plastic recyclers. But this time for textile. We’re looking for funding to make this happen. Develop the machines, do material experiments, document the knowledge etc. Send us a reply if you feel you can help out so we can send more info.

Project Kamp

After a winter break we started a new season! The first video is online now. Its a recap with all the things we did last year. From cleaning a waterfall to renovating a ruin and being on the land with +30 people. We have many new cool plans for the season and from now onwards a new video will go online each Monday! If you support us on Patreon you can already see it one week ahead!

Community Platform

And finally the software we build to setup communities is always under development. Its the backbone of our projects. This quarter we did many bug fixes, improved the useful button, added a call to action below how-to’s, added a function to add collaborates to research topics to work together and started working on linking Patreon supporters with their platform accounts. This projects runs fully remotely. But this year we’ve also added a position in Project Kamp for a developer to come. Part time coding, part time chopping bushes. This should give a bump in development :)

Precious Plastic
We're running a survey to discover Precious Plastic impact around the world-if you work on plastic make sure to complete the survey by Friday 14.04.2023. This would mean a lot for us :)

This quarter we kept supporting the community to share new useful how-tos on how they tackle the plastic problem-couple of highlights are a new Arbor Press, Airpress Injection, and Using plastic for concrete. Make sure to comment your thoughts and bit of love for these folks sharing their knowledge.

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Until next time,
Mattia and the One Army team

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