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Sep 14, 2020

Project Kamp Academy is Online!

This is the place where we'll be sharing all our videos and knowledge to live more sustainably on planet earth.

Project Kamp Academy Illustration
Project Kamp Academy
This article is part of Project Kamp, a One Army project prototyping a more sustainable life. You can learn more

One key element of Project Kamp is documentation. (Yeh we got some inspiration from Precious Plastic :)  Share what we learn, open source for free. So others can replicate or don’t make the same mistakes as us. We started to make research videos where we visit other communities around the world. Learn from their experience. Have a look at this video where we visit Tamera a very inspiring place in Portugal or Auroville in India, a community where over 3000 people are living!

Today we release the Project Kamp Academy, the main place where you can find all our documentation for Project Kamp. Well there is not much to see now, we are just getting started with this massive project. Much more development to come:  Blueprints of houses, water retention, energy storage etc.  This will become a very powerful place in the upcoming years! Just wanted to let you know its online now :)

Project Kamp Academy interface with overlaid scribble
Project Kamp Academy interface

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