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Jan 8, 2019

Precious Plastic Roadmap for 2019

Here is how we plan to transform the idea into reality. New machines, more people and a little secret!

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Version 4 Roadmap
This article is part of Precious Plastic, a One Army project tackling the plastic waste problem. You can learn more

Alright, 2019 is here. Holy 💩💩💩, it’s almost 2020. Science fiction.
But before we get too sentimental or anxious about it we still have a full year of exciting challenges, tasks and goals to achieve. Over the holidays we did a lot of planning work and made ourselves a useful roadmap, beautifully sketched by Nico and Charlotte, to help us and the team keep focused and see through what’s coming. And, as people in our community very often (sooner or later) become part of our team 🙃, we also want to share the roadmap with you.

Ready? Let’s dive into it!

Machine development & testing

A big chunk of the first half of the year will be dedicated to research and development of our recycling machines. It is not a secret anymore that we’re developing a new Sheetpress machine that will allow people to make big sheets of recycled plastic; a much stronger, semi-industrial Extrusion machine to produce beams, products and more; and finally a bigger Shredder to be the solid backbone for our network mini-factories recycling plastic around the world. From now till June our team of engineers and designers will work on making efficient machines that are also pleasant to work with and easy to reproduce. You an engineer that loves making machines, wait no longer and join the team 💪 (check this video for more detailed info).

Digital platform (our little secret)

For the past 5 months, we’ve been working on a “secret” new project that will power our community to collaborate and connect in ever more efficient and meaningful ways. It’s a big project, of a scale we’ve never been working before. But again, we love big challenges. Up until summer, our web team made up of UX & UI designers, developers and me (Mattia) will be working on this new open source project that will help not only Precious Plastic but also other open source projects trying to make things better with the necessary digital tools.

Ehm.. if you good at React join us.. just saying 😘

Designing products

As the machines get ready we’ll dive into designing proper products with them. This phase will help us understand which products we want people to reproduce as well as testing our new machines to the max. If making well-designed products from recycled plastic is your jam make sure to send us an email and drop by from April to August.

Documenting and filming

From July to September we will document everything we’ve learnt through the year so we can properly share it with the world in a clear and understandable manner so that as many people as possible can replicate our machines and products. If you enjoy filmmaking, post-production and funny jokes in your movies send us an email and join us in late summer.

DDW 2019

We will unveil our Precious Plastic Version 4 and all we’ve learned in the past 12 months during Dutch Design Week 2019. Of course, easier said than done. We’ll spend September and October planning the exhibition and preparing our workspace for the “big day”.  

Clean up & pack

As you can imagine 40 people can make a lot of mess in 12 months. Especially if messy creative designers are around. We’ll spend November and half December cleaning up, packing and preparing to move to Project Kamp in Portugal. We’ll need a lot of hands helping out so if you feel join the crew you’ll be most welcome.

As you can see lots to do ahead of us but also lots of great people willing to help from all corners. Co-working and co-living to tackle the plastic problem together. If you want to join us check out our website for the latest positions open.

Wishing you lots of joy and meaningful projects in the upcoming year from cold low-lands.


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