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Mar 1, 2022

Launching the Precious Plastic Collabs

Precious Plastic collabs with forward-thinking partners to create recycling projects around the world.

poster showcasing Precious Plastic Collabs
Precious Plastic Collabs
This article is part of Precious Plastic, a One Army project tackling the plastic waste problem. You can learn more

Today we're launching the Precious Plastic Collabs. This has been brewing for the past couple of years and are really happy to finally share them with the world.

So what are Collabs? Precious Plastic Collabs are recycling projects we make with forward-thinking partners to tackle plastic waste around the world and push the limits of plastic recycling. Today we're releasing a new webpage alongside 3 vids showcasing some of the most ambitious projects we've done throughout 2021. Lagos Nigeria, Amman Jordan and the Saharawi Refugee camp. Tons of learning that will make its way back to the community through how-tos, new videos, better machines and techniques.

Collabs also happen to be a good vehicle to achieve financial sustainability for Precious Plastic providing the necessary funds to grow the team and get us closer to the greater underlying goal of making Precious Plastic a self-sustained, community-owned public good project. This BIG plan needs people. Which need salaries. That's what Collabs are for. A means to an end.

Check out the videos, engage in the comments and let us know what you think.

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