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Apr 16, 2018

No more cheap stuff!

A video explaining how One Army sees the idea of cheap and the hidden cost of saving money on cheap stuff.

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What if we would all stop going for cheap stuff?

This is a theory that shows what happens if we stop buying cheap stuff. We could have better quality products, have higher salaries and reduce the amount of waste. Maybe its time to try it out?

For some reason we always want to buy things as cheap is possible, saving money. I guess to stay friends with MR. wallet. But we could actually have earn more money if we don’t buy cheap things. + we have more budget available to produce things properly, higher quality and source fair/sustainable materials. I know it sounds to good to be true, and I have been trying to find a loophole. Something that kills this theory. But I haven’t found it. In fact the more I kept thinking about this the more it makes total sense to stop buying cheap stuff. In the long run there is simply no benefit to it.  Please try to kill this theory, tell me why its not that easy and leave a comment below 👇

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