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Feb 22, 2021

New Youtube channel for Project Kamp

We started a new Youtube channel for Project Kamp in order to document the ongoing developments.

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New channel, yay!
This article is part of Project Kamp, a One Army project prototyping a more sustainable life. You can learn more

Documentation is a crucial part of all One Army projects helping us to convey and transfer our learnings and knowledge to the world. However, Project Kamp is slightly different from the other projects in the sense that it will probably span across the next decades with updates that might takes years to be released.

So to keep the army up-to-date on a regular basis and create an archive of the time passing and things happening on the land we've created a brand new dedicated Youtube channel.

Every few weeks we'll be publishing a video with updates and behind the scenes from Project Kamp. Over the years we hope this will become a useful resource for other communities out there trying to prototype new ways of living providing a chronological account of everyday life building Project Kamp. So people can avoid our many mistakes along the way 🙃

First video was a tour of the land, second was about the sheer amount of rain in Portugal, and next one up will be about making paths through the land and more to come every few weeks.

So if you're into Project Kamp make sure to subscribe 🌶

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