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Sep 12, 2021

New website for the Community Platform

We've designed a new website to shine some light on the Community Platform

Community Platform logo
Community Platform logo
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The Community Platform, One Army software project with the ultimate goal of creating a digital tool for open hardware projects around the world. We've just made a new dedicated website to explain in detail what it is and welcome new devs to help us code it!

We have been working on the Community Platform for about 3 years now, since the beginning of Version 4 in 2018. We started working on the Community Platform because we struggled to find a tool that would accommodate all the very specific needs of One Army's projects. Plus we believe that the Community Platform could be useful to many more people running similar projects tackling global problems.

Overcoming multiple challenges with a very tiny team of 2 (thank you Benj and Chris) we managed to go live at the beginning of 2020. And have been bug fixing and snail stepping forward ever since.

Community Platform wireframes on a table
Community Platform wireframes
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Community Platform meeting

Currently, the Community Platform is installed and used on Precious Plastic by about 10.000 users. We are aiming to deploy it to Fixing Fashion by the end of the year and Project Kamp later on. Looking more long-term, the 5-year plan is to open it up for any project tackling global problems out there.

To bring some clarity and to try to attract more devs to help, we designed a new website to shine some light on what it is, its features and vision, how it works, and how people can help with their coding skills.

Community Platform features

So make sure to have a look on and if you know any devs with a few spare hours send them over there 😉

Oh an if any of you is into supporting the Community Platform specifically, we have set up an Open Collective account so you can donate directly to the development of the Community Platform and to track how every cent is spent.

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