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Jun 24, 2021

New ways to support Project Kamp

You can now support specific developments in Project Kamp

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What we're working towards
This article is part of Project Kamp, a One Army project prototyping a more sustainable life. You can learn more

The drawing up here is our north star for Project Kamp, what we're working towards. Unfortunately in the original drawing there is no hint at how to fund such huge development :) In order for us to materialize this drawing/plan/dream we need a new way to fund the project. Building workspaces, installing water, set up a solar farm and creating the infrastructure for more people to come costs a lot of money. Like a lot. And our lovely Patreon just isn't enough.

That's why we've redefined how people can support the project. From now individuals and organizations can help Project Kamp by funding specific big developments like building the community kitchen, the workspace, hook up the solar, reforest the land and so on. There is a whole list..

list of things people can support
List of things people can support

And a few weeks after releasing this new support page some sweet soul donated 47000 DAI (one of the many cryptos) which is about €40.000 to build the first guesthouse in Project Kamp. Brilliant!

And for those of you unable to support Project Kamp financially we've also opened up a bunch of roles and tasks people could donate their time to make happen.

list of roles in Project Kamp

Keep checking Project Kamp support page as we'll be updating what people can fund.

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From here you can look back at when we received €300.000 grant or find out about the start of Project Kamp.