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Dec 6, 2022

Map for Fixing Fashion + new videos online!

Lets go global community

Fixing Fashion Map
Add yourself to the community Map!
This article is part of Fixing Fashion, a One Army project trying to fix fashion. You can learn more

Today Fixing Fashion releases its own map!

This map is used by the global Fixing Fashion community. You can find spaces that fix your clothes or meet other people that want to get started and looking to collaborate. Sign up as a member that “wants to get started” or make add your "space" that repairs and upgrades clothes so others can find you! 

 Just like we do with Precious Plastic. This has always been one of the most useful features to grow our plastic recycling community in the early days. It’s a way to show active places and for like-minded people to connect. So sign up and join.

The software we use is developed in house with our Community Platform project. We now have 3 instances running, Project Kamp, Precious Plastic and Fixing Fashion. We will continue to improve the software and build the communities.

⭐Bonus: We've also made +20 new videos to fix clothes. New one released each week on our Youtube.

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