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Apr 19, 2021

Launching Fixing Fashion

One Army newest project trying to tackle the fashion problem.

Woman explaining how to repair things
Alicia teaching how to fix clothes
This article is part of Fixing Fashion, a One Army project trying to fix fashion. You can learn more

Today a new project joins the One Army family, Fixing Fashion. The project tries to tackle the problem of the fashion industry. Or the many problems we shall say. We started with a simple question:

What kind of fashion does the world actually need right now?

And the answer is simple. We don’t need anything new. There are enough clothes and material out there for decades to wear.

Fashion problem(s)

The Fashion industry creates many problems. Over production, pollution, mountains of waste etc. In 2021 most of us are quite aware of this. Read our previous article to dive deeper into the topic. The fashion industry is trying to change itself, producing fair-trade, using organic cotton, recycled materials. Good efforts, but these changes are build upon the same underlying system. Always wanting to sell you something new. Producing a new piece of garment that ultimately replaces your current one. Even tough that current clothing is still good, it just got “out of fashion” by this new thing.

Fashion that makes sense?

What would make sense for planet earth right now is using what we have already produced. For as long as we can.  Reusing what is there, fixing it, remaking it, upgrading it. Patch 2 old shirts together, fix that hole, recolour a stained shirt. Be creative and resourceful with the materials already produced.  What does this look like? Well it will look like something we never saw before. A new fashion of sorts.

collage of many models wearing fixed clothes
Fixing Fashion collection

The superpower of fashion.

Fashion is something from humans. We created this, we design it, we promote it, we sell it. It’s all in our minds. And that is the power of it. We can turn fashion into any shape we want. We have been doing it for years. Remember the colourful clothes we used to wear in the 80’s or high jeans. Using advertisements, powerful images, fashions shows and influential people we managed to shape what humans wear.  This is incredible, and we can use the same tools for this new Fixing Fashion collection.

Hello Fixing Fashion

Fixing fashion is a clothing brand, but unlike all the others, we don’t want to sell you anything. The opposite. We provide knowledge on how to fix, repair, resize and upgrade. Trying to help you keep your clothes longer. We created an inspirational collection that tries to set a new standard of what a new fashion could look like. And we are building a community of people around the world following this ethos. Proudly Fixing Fashion. Together.  Visit to see our collection.

Join, we need pioneers

Changing fashion in our minds is a big thing. We need many people to join this mission. We need people actually making/repairing and fixing. But in this first version what is even more powerful is people that spread the word. Daring people that take a stand and believe in change. People that proudly wear their fixed clothes and inspire others to join. Share your fixes on #fixingfashion

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