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Dec 24, 2018

How to get free food

Yes. We are focused on tackle plastic waste, but we cant help it, at Precious Plastic, we are all waste-nerds. Take a look at our food dilemma.

Dumpsterdiving food rescued in Eindhoven
Free food to feed V4

My plan was to fully focus on the development of Precious Plastic v4. No Story Hopper videos. However, this time I came across a topic that I felt I just had to share. So many free resources available around the world. So i’ll squeezed it into the planning.

Food waste

So, apparently 1/3 of all the food we humans produce globally goes to waste (I always wonder how they measure this stuff globally, but i’m sure its a lot). Its not only the material that goes to waste, but also the energy that we put into it. We grew it, packed it, shipped it, stored it, etc. For instance all the packaging we produced that comes with it is useless if we humans don’t use it. Feels bad to just throw all of this food out…

Here at Precious Plastic we work on..plastic waste. But we are waste-nerds in general. Its difficult for us to not look at other waste streams. We work with 40 people nowadays that also generate waste, especially food. So our kitchen is one part we are always trying to improve, make it more sustainable. But waste is just a ‘small’ part of doing things properly, there is more to it. Thats why in the beginning we decided to have a vegan diet for everyone, less carbon in the air, happier animals and if done correct more healthy. A pure plant based diet, no dairy, no meat, no eggs. Plus we only eat non processed food and mostly locally grown fruits and veggies, no bananas :(. So far everyone feels happy.

What to do?

But then dumpster diving came in, this is where you find EVERYTHING. Tropic fruits, milk, yoghurt, chickingwings, salsas. Non vegan- non vegetarian – globally shipped – shitty processed factory food. Food we would otherwise never eat because we don’t agree with the way how its being produced. BUT. we also don’t want to waste it, i mean there is already so much effort put into these products.

This is what gets our minds going here: We save carbon by eating this food > but this processed food is less healthy for us > but its such a waste of packaging if we don’t use it > but by consuming it you also support this industry behind it > but in the short term it makes sense to consume it > in the long term its probably better to not participate in that system..

We are still figuring out what is the best way to go about it. You guys have any thoughts?
For now, we will keep exploring the topic a bit more. Dumpsterdiving is in our weekly routine now, because to be fair.. it is exciting and fun to do 🙂

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