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Jan 7, 2015

Meet Kees, the machine builder

Remember I was looking for a machine builder? I found him!

Machine builders
Dave & Kees
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Over the last month I’ve looking into all the submissions I’ve gathered from the previous post. – I was amazed by all the people that wanted to contribute to the project. After lots of spitting, thinking and skyping I selected Kees; a 53 year old unemployed machine builder from the Netherlands. He will be starting this week developing the machines and sharing updates in the forums. Below you can read more about him.

“My name is Kees 53 years old, 2 sons 24 en 26 and since last Sept. a proud grandfather of a girls-twin.”
“Living with my girlfriend and daughter in Tilburg, born and raised in ‘Zeeland’, officially still registered in Oudelande, Zeeland. My own (promoted to weekend and holiday) home is surrounded by pear-orchards, so a nice place for gardening and enjoying the silence. In the garage are a few motorbikes to work on and play with, my pride is a ’52 Sparta two stroke, originally bought new by my Grandfather.”

“Being raised on a farm gave me a practical perception to deal with situations, as long as I can remember busy with little jobs, tinkering, playing in a workshop, driving equipment, repairs and building things. Still a dedicated DIY guy, maintenance, repairs and jobs in and around the house, motorbikes, cars and appliances I do myself. Mostly works out great…..”

“Schooled as metalworker and mechanical engineer, started as a grease-monkey, metalworker and operator in a machine-shop. After a few years got a job as service mechanic, working with sugar-beet and potato harvesters from Russia to California. In the early 90’s started for the same company working in engineering and R&D. Last 10 years worked as an mechanical designer/engineer for companies building equipment for the food industry.”

“Two years ago sadly forced to stop working full-time, due to tinnitus caused by too much noise. (grinders, hammers, open exhausts, playing drums in a rock band etc.). Since then keeping myself busy, with 3D printing and designing, demo’s and expo jobs for Ultimaker, my N-scale model train and 3Dprinting and building of ProjectEGG.
And last but not least, glad PreciousPlastic came along!!!!!!. Looking forward to it…”

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