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Nov 1, 2018

DDW & the expanding Precious Plastic family

A week of endless exchange of inspiration.

Precious Plastic ready for DDW
Precious Plastic family ready for DDW
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Woah… Dutch Design Week is over. Already. It came. Went. Gone.

Eight days of open workspace, curious visitors, insightful presentations, exhibitions and the sporadic hangovers. Above all the inspiring conversations with visitors and passers-by this edition of the DDW has been incredibly valuable at reaffirming the community spirit of Precious Plastic and the growing global family.

Precious plastic workspace full of people
Hosting visitors from different parts of the globe!


We are completely humbled by those of you who took the time to come and visit our exhibition, A day in the workspace. The many of you who stayed with us, ate with us, slept with us and are dreaming for a better world with us. People came from as far as Canada and China to meet us and see the latest from Precious Plastic. Much much love 🙂

Amongst other we we’re extra happy to finally meet our friend from Zelenew and learning from its unique  technique working with the extrusion machine, to hear from Théla Design about her story and process and finally how to forget our incredible friends at TallerEsfèrica running their jaw dropping sunglasses workshops. As if this wasn’t enough, we’ve been regularly spoilt with people sharing their knowledge in our Colosseum, with precious talks from fellow pollution fighters; Van Plestik, Plastic Odyssey, Café de Ceuvel & Polimeer. These people have inspired the team beyond expected, leaving us with a lots of food for thoughts for the weeks ahead. Big up everyone 💭

4 people greeting the camera
Our friends from Taller Esfèrica.
2 people greeting
people gathering around a plastic workshop
"A day in the workspace" workshops.

Sharing our research

As for us, we were here in the workspace, doing our thing. A few of us guiding visitors around our exhibition and the rest working as usual giving a pick into Precious Plastic life to DDW visitors. We’ve only enter our new space since a few weeks. Not much to show yet 🙂 So we decided to keep on working on V4, showing our process and some early experiments and developments 👊

Our next major deadline is the next DDW. In 2019. One year from now. There, we will officially unveil Precious Plastic Version 4. Plenty of time to plan, So save the date. And see you right here in a year from now. Keep your eyes peeled for that one 👀

So, that’s a wrap for this DDW. We’ve cleaned the place down, buttoned up our boiler suits, and we’re back to the plastic problem. Catch you next time 👋

people gathering around a climbing wall

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