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Dec 21, 2020

Badges, stickers, livestreams & more

We are finally giving great rewards to our fantastic supporters!

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One Army badge :)
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Up until now we have given out everything we know for free. Tens of thousands of people use this knowledge around the world. Over 500+ people decide to support our work on Patreon or with a donation as they see value and understand that free knowledge is not free to create.

Normally creators on Patreon or similar platforms give some sort of reward or gift in exchange for the monetary support. We never did. We always thought people support us to help us keep on doing the work we do to protect the planet. People support is out of pure generosity. The kind of generosity the world needs right now.

two hands giving high-five
Big up to our supporters!

We’re proud of our 500+ supporters and their generosity. Seriously. But we thought it is time to shake things up a little.

With the launch of One Army we introduced some rewards… Yay!! so you can show off with friends & family you’re part of One Army and its projects :)

We’ve restructured our Patreon so supporters (like yourself 😉) can now get badges, stickers, livestreams, one-to-one support and more in return for their financial support.  

One Army and Precious Plastic badges.
Precious Plastic badges stitched in Kenya.
One Army sticker.

Ok, enough for now. If you like what we do, use our knowledge and see value in the work we do have a look at our new Patreon and join One Army!

Not in a position to help financially? Check out how you can boost One Army in many other ways!

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