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Jun 7, 2019

A massive table from recycled plastic

During developing Precious Plastic Version 4, we also embrace the mission of designing and building this beautiful plastic recycled conference table for Jaden Smith. This is the story.

Plastic recycled conference table for Jaden Smith
Plastic recycled conference table for Jaden Smith
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A few months ago Jaden Smith dropped by in our workspace to have a look at Precious Plastic. Apparently he is been following the project for a while. He is a bit of a fanboy (: He wanted to have a big plastic conference table for his new office. We don’t really make tables but it seemed like a fun challenge to try out some new experimental techniques. Our plastic craftsman @tafnstuff is always up for for pushing the limits of plastic so we started working. 3 months later its here.

More information about the project, why it looks like this and how much we asked for it can be found here on this website right here in this long url to make sure you see it because its worth checking out

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